Losing weight is challenging. It can be even more challenging after a pregnancy. During pregnancy, your hormones and metabolism go through radical changes to enable you to sustain and grow a new life inside you. It takes long for the effects caused by these body changes to settle. This means, you might find it hard to lose weight, even when counting calories or working out daily. Repairing your damaged metabolism could be what you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Here are the important details you need to know about Mommylicious Challenge if you are thinking about joining the challenge.

What Exactly is The Mommylicious Challenge?

Mommylicious Challenge is a 30 days fitness program strategically designed to help mothers lose the extra weight they have taken on as a result of pregnancy and raising children. The program promises to deliver a step by step solution that will not only help you burn fat, but also build muscles that burn calories and sculpt your body into a sexy feminine shape.

The program was created by Flavia Delmonte, a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Flavia believes that the reason why most fitness programs for women do not work is because they do not address the issue of the damaged metabolism. The Mommylicious Challenge will help you boost your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories throughout the day.

How Does It Work?

The main purpose of Mommylicious Challenge is to repair your metabolism. This is accomplished using various methods. The program teaches you workouts that burn off huge amounts of calories for 48 hours after the workout. The workouts are 40 minutes long, and are done 5 days a week. Each of these workouts focuses on different body parts. You will also have to do sets with less than seven reps using heavy weights. These workouts aim to improve your neurogenic muscle tone as well as your myogenic muscle tone. Those doing their work outs at home will require a resistance band, dumbbells and a stability ball. Those doing their work outs at the gym, will probably have everything they need. Do not worry if you have no experience in working out. This fitness program will teach you how to manipulate the workouts to achieve your goals.

What Do You Get?

The program gives you access to everything you need to make most out of your workouts, tone up your body and lose weight. This includes.

Nutrition Guide: This guide will help you to stop dieting. You will learn how to burn fat, balance your hormones and gain muscles through nutrition. You will also learn how to what and when to eat as well as how to keep your metabolism working hard.

Supplement Guide: The supplement guide will help you understand what supplements you need to enhance your health and achieve your weight reduction goals faster.

Workout Manuals: All the info you need to become successful is contained in the manuals. Regardless of whether you are working out from the gym, at home or have no fitness experience, you will learn how to make this fitness program work for you inside the workout manuals.

Workout sheets: Workout sheets contain your entire workout and can be printed out anytime. These sheets will help you determine what you need to do for your workouts. Additionally, they also contain guidelines on how you should perform the involved exercises.

Five Video Workouts: Every week, you will be required to do five, 40 minutes long workouts. Each of these workouts will focus on a different part of the body. Thus, you will receive five separate workout videos that focus on your tummy, butt, shoulders and back and legs.

Warm Up and Stretching Videos and Manuals: This is usually an overlooked aspect in many fitness programs. Flavia says that these short muscle workouts are vital to the body, and they should be performed as a warm up.

Unlimited Access to Flavilicious Forum: You will become a lifetime member of the Flavilicious Forum. Here you will talk to other women, ask and answer questions as well as support each other in the forum.

In addition to these, you will also get two bonuses:

  1. Strip The Fat Diet
    According to Flavia, this diet can help you make significant improvements to your appearance. It will teach you how to enhance your appearance in just 10 days. Fitness models do these things to get themselves photo-ready. Thus, this is some info nearly everyone will like.
  2. The Abs Diet
    The Abs Diet is not available anywhere else. It teaches how to develop great abs through your diet. Flavia says that this was the diet she used to get herself killer abs.

For more information about the full program and the bonuses, please visit Flavia’s official website here.